Damian Bradfield

Damian Bradfield is President, CMO and Founding Shareholder of WeTransfer, the largest file sharing service in the world.

Bradfield first joined WeTransfer as Chief Strategic Officer in 2010 and with over 40 million active users transferring more than a billion files every month, he played a pivotal part in making it the leading, much-loved creative brand it is today. Currently, Bradfield spearheads the company’s US operations from the newly formed US headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

In his dual role heading the US office and leading the brand’s marketing, growth, and content departments, Bradfield brought on Gilles Peterson and Troy Carter for strategic partnerships in addition to creating content partnerships with the likes of FKA twigs, Rankin, Sampha and Nelly Ben Hayoun, among many others.

In 2015, Bradfield was instrumental in helping WeTransfer take its first round of investment, a series-A of $25 million by Highland Capital Partners Europe (HCPE) and his background working for brands such as Stella McCartney and J Walter Thompson and launching and mentoring numerous tech start-ups including Kuvva and Present Plus has made him uniquely poised to grow WeTransfer as a market leader.

Bradfield is passionate about promoting the value of building long-term, trusting relationships in business and beyond amidst a landscape where data mining and manipulation are the norm and he speaks globally on this topic. He has been featured in Fast Company and MR PORTER among others and concurrently sits on the board of the University of the Underground Foundation.