Supposedly the World Wide Web is 25 years old, however it feels as though since Google, Facebook and Amazon have begun to dominate the web, that we've lost sight of it being 'wide' and its become something very different than originally intended.

Through everything we have done from Present Plus, Artists and Algorists, and WeTransfer we have tried to operate with a set of values that can be applied as much online as offline:

People 1st

Creativity 2nd

Technology 3rd

We believe that the most precious asset today is time and silicon valley is hell bent on eroding it. At your expense.

Below are some tips for how to be a little more productive, have more control over your data and at the same time start improving the web. Giving you a little more of the web we loved from 2000.

Improve life

By following a few simple steps you can so easily improve your life online and take back control.

1. Use a super stable router like Eero.

2. Use a dead simple VPN. I use both and Tunnel Bear.

3. Chose for a browser that allows you to block ads and have a degree of control. Firefox just launched Quantum.

4. If you want to take it up a notch you could also use Soverin.

Private email, no ads, no tracking.

5. I recently saved 4.2 hours per week by deleting Instagram and Facebook. If you want to shock yourself into doing the same use Moment. I was averaging 45 phone pick ups per day!

6. Lastly use 1Password. There isn't a way to safely operate online without it.